Serve with love and care, “all-the-way”, throughout the journey, is why we call ourselves All-The-Way. We deliver your goods to your appointed destination. No matter what your request is, whether it is customs clearance, air and sea shipment, warehousing, large, small, or special goods delivery, we provide one-stop shipping for you, which includes port to port, door to port, port to door, and door to door service.


Due to the variation of market and de-industrialization in Taiwan , we started in Hong Kong and set up All-The-Way/Hong Kong with 100% of the funding and work force from Taiwan in 1994, and a year later an office founded in Shenzhen controlled by the Hong Kong office. The two places provide services mainly to Taiwanese merchants for their commercial needs. From these years, by working with several famous overseas agents and developing our local market, we had an extensive increase in our long-range freight movement up to European/American. In order to have better control on our service quality to overseas agent and their nominated cargo from great China area, All-The-Way Taiwan office was therefore founded in 2001 which taking charge of agency business including rate and service inquiring, coordinating……on behalf of all All-The-Way offices. in middle of 2003, with a view to providing even better services to the inland areas of China , we established Shanghai All-The-Way.


The prime mover for the growth of our company is the management, and the affirmation from our domestic and overseas agents & clients. We have already integrated an entire dealership network in China and worldwide. We established computerized facilities to connect with our agents and other shipping companies, as well as to provide unimpeded and compounded services.

Company philosophy  

All-The-Way operates on the philosophy of “health, harmony, cooperation, cordiality, professionalism, optimism, service, creativeness, and improvement”. With a truthful mind, we persist in honesty and strict training in order to improve our employees' professionalism, having a strong team to provide quick and reliable services to our clients is aldo our goal. For the reasons of identification and commitment, every employee becomes a

responsible, enthusiastic, creative, and eager to progress professional of transportation. We can win the trust of our clients based on our invisible company culture, which is something that we are proud of.

We understand that as technology improves, the products and market also change, to where simple service logistics can no longer satisfy the needs of clients. Only in consolidation of the communication with clients, to become the bridge between buyers and sellers, as a part of the life of the business, and to be proud of it, is the way to operate the company everlastingly. We are moving towards this goal.

We are always improving our operational procedure, enhancing computerized services, increasing efficiency, and decreasing the capital cost, in order to provide transportation service that is suitable for each client personally, which is economical, convenient, and safe.

We honor our clients, and deal with each cargo according to our clients' request, but we do not follow blindly. If we find out that any clients' request is disadvantageous to them, we will provide a professional explanation, and ask the clients to change their mind for a better solution depending on their advantages.

We respect people, establish integrity, work truthfully, and emphasize harmony. We persist in our management to be just and equal. We consolidate our team cooperation with pragmatism, steady growth, and to operate everlastingly.

We serve with love and care, “all-the-way”, throughout the journey !!


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