Import/Export, air and sea transportation
Whether you are a long-term client, or just wishing to send goods occasionally, we are happy to serve you, and to provide you with one-stop shipping on air and sea shipping service. You initiate a request and we will quote you a price. In this complex global dealership network, it is not a single sided service, but we rather practically serve receivers at the destination port, or the sender at the port of departure. This means not only are you our client, but

your clients or suppliers will also be our clients, equivalently receiving our best services. In another words, from your unilateral payment, we serve bilaterally or multi-laterally. Furthermore, nearly all of our clients request to have their goods ready to pick up as soon as they have arrived, so simply having the goods delivered on time is not enough. It is very important if the exporter can prepare the documents for applying customs, from the destination port country prior to shipment, and send them to the importer, so the importer can benefit from an advanced customs declaration process. We are devoted to improve our procedure, establish a strict internal operational standard, to let the goods be processed efficiently and effectively. We do not emphasize on-time delivery, but rather before-time delivery.


If you have a few suppliers in the same export country, we can consol your goods in one container, to effectively improve the safety of the transportation, and decrease your cost. Nevertheless, we will distribute the goods to your appointed clients after they have arrived.

Special goods and shipment scheme
Extremely large items, oddly shaped items, special containers, and ships to carry goods in bulk, are in the packaging and shipping scheme.

Customs clearance of goods
Do not let customs clearance bother you, but let our professional team deal with it, to expedite the whole process. As the customs clearance procedure is computerized, even though it has become simpler to apply, the customhouse requests increasingly more accurate

declarations, thus any untruthful mistake, or without immediate declaration, might result in a fine. Our professional team understands such importance, so we strictly follow the rules, we are connected to custom and other governmental organization thought EDI. Our teams can quickly and accurately clear customs to avoid any delays.

Warehousing logistics

We provide short term and long term warehouse space rental, according to the client's requirements, provide goods pick-up, landing, warehouse entering, organizing, packaging, parceling, pattern making, numbering, warehouse withdrawing, and distributing. The warehousing procedure is under security monitoring to safeguard the client's rights.

Goods insurance
We have various kinds of insurance service, sea, air, land shipment, and warehousing. We provide insurance policy according to the client's requirement, in order to bring the insurance service to the full marginal utility.

Business services
Due to the growth of the Chinese economy, bringing many business opportunities, many international businesspersons are catching the ride to develop their businesses, internal market, in order to increase their profit. We provide not only freight movement, logistics service, but business services which including labor and office facilities furnishing, documentary, coordinating with factories… so customer may benefit from paying the lowest amount, and to accomplish their necessary business activities in China.


Triangular Trade
As the market and the laboring separation of goods manufacturing change, the situation where A takes the order, B ships out the goods, and C receives the goods, is becoming common. This kind of triangular trade requires the documents to be integrated, inter-changed, and communicating coordinated, to safeguard the rights in the middle-tradesmen. If this involves letters of credit, the document making procedure becomes even more cumbersome, as any mistake may cause an irreversible loss. Providing it to an experienced person to deal with will promise you smooth goods dispatching and profit.

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